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Welcome to her dark little world of Forever and Almost Never Always

Basics ♦ The Hobbies ♣ Fan Of ♥ Nutshell ♠ Dislikes
First - Chide A simple 16 year old girl living in the prairies of Canada. Pianist/Composer/Band geek/ NERD.
Reading. Writing music. Writing. Reading. Watching sappy movies and romances. Jane Austen novels. Profundity. Blogging.
Harry Potter. Legend of the Seeker. Twilight. Jane Austen. Shakespeare. Tenessee Williams.
Hi there. My name is Chide - though, you'll never know my real name unless you're SUPER SUPER awesome. I'm Asian Canadian - your stereotypical Asian. I like to be all knowing and in the know - but not generally involved with the know. I wear glases and is nearly blind. I enjoy reading, writing, and blogging when I have the time - like right now. If you want to befriend me, go ahead - promise I won't bite!
Optimists who cross the road without looking. People who look through life through puny narrow minds. Imperfections that I perceive. Teeny boppers.

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